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List of 14,000 Investor Emails 2024

List of 14,000 Investor Emails 2024

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Gain Instant Access to 14,000+ Global Investors

Our comprehensive list of 14,000+ investor emails gives you an unparalleled opportunity to get your business funded.

This carefully curated list contains direct contact information for investors worldwide who have funded over $5 billion into 5,000+ successful startups and businesses across all industries.

Whether you’re looking to raise your Series A or expand operations, this investor list provides the pipeline you need to secure capital and accelerate growth.

Don’t wait for warm introductions or pay thousands for investor databases. With our list, you can directly reach decision-makers at leading VC firms, angel groups, private equity firms, and more.

Our customers have raised over $1.2 billion to date by leveraging our investor contact list. Be prepared when opportunity strikes and join the ranks of funded companies today.

We can’t guarantee your fundraising success. But we can get your pitch in front of thousands of real potential investors - and that’s 90% of the battle.

Reach out now to get exclusive access to the investor contact list and unlock doors to capital. The only thing stopping you is that first email!


“The quality investor list enabled us to quickly connect with the right backers. Within 2 months of outreach, we closed our $5 million seed round."
- Sarah L, CEO, Allume Technologies


"As first-time founders, we were nervous about cold reaching out to investors. But following this email outreach framework gave us confidence and yielded a 30% response rate. We successfully raised $2 million in seed funding as a result."
- Priya V & Ahmad, Co-Founders, LeapHR


Here's our playbook for effectively engaging investors:

  1. Research extensively - Study investors' prior deals, check sizes, industry preferences, etc. This ensures better targeting.

  2. Personalize your message - Include something specific about why you selected them. Generic outreach goes nowhere.

  3. Craft a compelling subject line - Aim for short, clear, and exciting to pique interest. E.g. "Hot AI Startup Targeting Billion Dollar Industry"

  4. Focus your pitch - Have a crisp value proposition ready to convey what problem you solve uniquely. Don't make investors wade through dense text.

  5. Make it scannable - Use formatting like bullet points, headings, and bold text so your email is easy to digest.

  6. Include a strong CTA - Don't just ask to "connect" or "set up a call". Be clear on next steps, like sending a deck or setting a meeting.

  7. Follow up persistently - It may take 4-6 touchpoints before you get a response, so don't be discouraged. Consistency pays off.

  8. Track everything - Use a CRM to record outreach details. This keeps you organized and lets you optimize your strategy.

  9. Review and refresh - Analyze regularly to see what works and what doesn't. Refresh your list to remove unresponsive investors.

  10. Automate where possible - Use tools like Outreach or Gmass to save time on follow-ups and personalization at scale.

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Customer Reviews

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William C.

Highly recommended . thanks sbm


Top quality resource. thanks

Grace Bjordahl

This list opened up so many opportunities for my business. love it. thanks

Joel Lewis

It saves my lots of time. so helpful . thanks

Jacquelyn Guardado

It helps me allot , thanks